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Another very fast tun for service

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I dropped off my new Rossi 92 on Monday June 3rd at FedEx. They tried to redeliver yesterday. And finally delivered today with my wife signing for it. Gone less than 2 weeks. Disapointing that a brand new gun had to be sent it. But the fast turn was a nice surprise. I am not home to inspect it. But hopefully they fixed the problem. Will know in a week. Hahaha that's like torture. Knowing new gun is home and I am away.
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What was wrong with it? I am going to buy one in the near future.
I bought the 44mag version with the 24" Oct barrel. After the first 12 rounds. I could not reload it. The magazine tube had slipped forward about 2". Took me a while to figure it out. I actually sat it down giving up. Then after someone mentioned what it was. Looking back at it, I saw the magazine tube moved forward. My worry is I was shooting cowboy loads with it. So, they were not even normal magnum rounds. Wondering if the front pin was ever in it's appropriate hole in the first place. I sent it in because I could not get it to go in the hole after tapping the magazine tube back in place.
That's GREAT news!! Taurus has the best service!
Well I spoke up about there being a problem. So I feel I should speak up when they do something good. In this case going from an expected 8 week turn time (what I was quoted). To getting it back in 2 weeks (slightly less actually). I think deserves some credit (as long as the problem was fixed that is).
That's GREAT news!! Taurus has the best service!
Apparently Taurus has GREAT SHIPPING. Their SERVICE is horrendous (in my case anyway)!!! The repair they did to my rifle was to just bend a pin (that is supposed to be straight). Matter of fact by bending the pin. The original problem will now happen easier!!! The pin is angled so now when the rifle recoils, this bent pin will act as a ramp to help the pin come out of the hole EASIER!!!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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