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Another Question Regarding My New Model 65

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I have a new (purchased brand-new late November 2017) Model 65 Stainless 4" revolver with the standard "stippled" rubber grips. Although the stock grips feel are perfectly fine, I would prefer a set of checkered wood grips.

I see that Taurus has, on their Accessories page on the web site, factory wood grips for sale.

Revolver Grips

However I am not sure which set of grips fit my revolver. I took the rubber grips off, and I do have what I would call a square-butt frame with a single locating pin at the bottom, but haven't figured out the Taurus buzz-word dictionary.

Will the 4-334 grips fit my revolver? If not, is their another grip shown that will?
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The ones you picked out are definitely the coolest looking ones on the page...that said I'm not sure which ones will fit your gun.

Maybe try the chat feature on their website and see if you can get an answer that way?

Good Luck!
Well, since nobody seemed to know the answer to this question tried contacting Taurus Customer Service. First I tried the On-Line Chat feature, but that didn't seem to work at all. Might have been on my end though, as I am running a Linux system, not Windows.

Today I finally tried again using their 800-number. After 45 minutes on hold (Thank God for speaker phones!) I finally got to talk to a very nice young lady, who related that the ones that would fit my "new model" 65 would be the 4-308 or the 4-303.

I may be ordering a set of the 4-308's. I'll post pics when I get them.
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