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York area here (south central PA).
I've been a Taurus fan/owner for close to 20 years, I guess.

My current collection of Taurus revolvers consists of a 4" 627 Tracker (Stainless), a 10 year old 85 Multi-Alloy (been carrying this one for a long time!) and a new 851 in Titanium. The 851 (once I get a 100 or so rounds through it) will be my steady companion.
I have owned a few stainless 85's, a 607 and a 669. These are all gone now.

So, thanks for having this great forum! There's a wealth of information here.

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Welcome to the forums.

Happy to have another revolver aficianado in the fold. While the staff can take some credit for things it's the members that make the place.Actually both staff and members. :D


That's for starters for checking in. Probably has been done, but this gets included just in case.
Have had the 669 in stainless, but it went to get another Taurus.

Will admit to having 4 Taurus revolvers. Models 65,66,85CH, and a 94 in .22lrf.
Also own a couple of Taurus pistols. Had to modernize a bit. Or so the rationale goes. :)
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