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Another Gun Broker

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I know there was a thread about Gun Broker a while back but it appears that Gun Broker is working just fine.

Now I have to run out and get a money order to send off for my latest acquisition. Which is a nice used EAA Witness 45acp full size all metal model in dark blue with wood grips. This is the 4.5' barrel model and 10 round mag, not the Compact with the 8 round.

After this I believe I'm done for a while or at least until the end of June when I think I'll be looking for one of those New S&W 380 Shield EZ for the wife's birthday.. Unless of course she finds something she likes better.
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I believe half of your story. No way you you're done buying until June.

Congrats on the Witness 45, great guns from all I've read.
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I believe half of your story. No way you you're done buying until June. .
Sure I can show great restraint. Took me 2 months to finally pull the trigger to buy this one. I'm great at procrastinating. Plus it will take that long to rebuild funds!
Heard the first Democrat say he is not voting for the bill. But for all the wrong reasons. He wants more restrictions and wants to force a special session to start over for more restrictions.
I like my 2 EAA Witness (Tanfoglio) full size, they are both the Wonder Finish however.
I will note that both of mine have waaaay more rounds than 10 however, being a 10 MM and a 38 Super.
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