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Another fun day at the range

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Just finished gun cleaning after a nice round of shooting my PT 709 and PT140. Ran about 100 rounds through each without a hitch. I made some front and back sight adjustments to the Heinie sights on the .40 which helped with the left and right POI, but it's still shooting low. Without the elevation adjustment, I'm just compensating but, I may put on a fully adjustable rear Firesight and see if that'll help. Love the .40!

I'm definitely a little wilder with the 709 slim. I feel it's the grip size as I catch myself too deep into the trigger. Tried rotating my grip to get a better finger placement and that helped some. I have an Uncle Mikes grip sleeve on the PT 140 so I may get a sleeve for the 9 and tinker with making a backstrap to go under it.

Just for kicks, I pulled out my old C-9 Hi-point and put a couple of mags through it. I know it's ugly and heavy, but that old girl does shoot straight. Tried to keep it out of sight to avoid the snickers. Anyway, hope you all had as much fun as I did today.
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Hi Davidlars-we had a good range day today, too. DH & I primarily shoot revolvers (we're geezers) and I put a bunch of 22lr thru my Taurus 94 that just came back from Florida -they did a great job fixing it! I also shot my new to me Taurus model 96 with some 38 sp handloads that DH made for the first time - great fun! I posted some pics of my 94 & targets on the reolver forum -hope I didn't offend or irritate anyone by posting here- just wanted to help celebrate the joys of a good time at the range!:rolleyes:
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