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Seriously, if everything else about the gun is OK I'd file down the front sight as Wino said or try to get a shorter front sight.. Back in 2010 when I got my 709, I was told that there were two or three different front sights. They had none of the short ones on hand so they couldn't send me one but they asked me to return the gun to Miami. I think they sent me a whole new gun (with my old s/n) and that gun developed extraction problems. I think my original gun was better than the replacement in other ways too (the chamber seemed to be cut crooked and the sear did not seat/release repeatably).

Some other thoughts:

Can you check the sights with a laser boresighter? That may tell you something. If you do use a laser, remember that the shot line should be below the sight line for 20 ft or so.

Can you use a bench rest to check the sughts?

What ammo do you use? 115 grain will hit lower than 124 grain because the recoil of the heavier bullet lifts the muzzle more even before the bullet leaves the barrel. My P22, for example, came with several interchangeable front sights to accommodate different ammo.

The 709 has a really long trigger. It's quite possible that you and the guy at the range were faked out by that long pull.

Finally, the accuracy you achieved is good enough for the purpose of this pistol. More accuracy is generally better but speed (smooth is fast) is probably more important.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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