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So, went to the range and there was another gentleman there shooting a bunch of guns (Glocks, Desert Eagles and a .454 Casull Taurus, to name a few!). Turns out the guy works in LE and spends a ton of time at the range. Shoots upwards of 10K rounds a year. Perfect. I asked him if he would mind shooting my 709, as I seemed to keep shooting low after 125 rounds. Same problem in his hands too. Way low, but a nice tight group. He said it was nice gun, and also gave me a ton of tips to correct my technique and how to shoot better. :) Heck, the guy even used his own ammo to shoot and check the sights. Wayyyy low at 15 feet and less.

Unfortunately, there was a class scheduled there, and I had to leave the range. Do you think I should send this pistol back to Taurus for the sights issue? I tried adjusting the sights and gave the screw a good two whole turns, but still low. How many turns is too many turns?

Here is my 2nd target from this morning:

View attachment 58873

All low. Notice the top left, under the bar-code, I was aiming for that at about 15 feet, but no luck.

Any thoughts?
One thing if you turn two turns you reset the sight. It only has about one full turn before reset so you have to be careful about that. You can order a shorter front sight from Taurus too that will raise point of impact. For a defensive gun that's not a bad target, pretty much a kill.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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