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Shitface - it has all been written - endlessly written, documented and complained about. Poorly designed 'adjustable' sights and gun ergos meet in a clusterfrick!

The rear site is on a non-locking cam - often without enough a avilable adjustment.

I tried the Truglo big fat front with some success by getting me more on the front sight - still not a solution.

The gun was slipping on the carry and on the "keep" list.

I went for Advantage Tactical sights and with great advise from the top staff - the initial setup was a winner.

Ive outlined details in previous threads but I'll say - they are a winner. I should have scrapped the stock sights long ago. Once the AT sights are set they are also locked and should be good for the life of the pistol.

Today there was a members only IDPA run BUG match at the club where I shoot. I wanted to see how the 709 matched up against my Kahr and what others were shooting. I was VERY pleased with the results (switched between the 2 guns) - that was the first use of the 709 in any form of competition ( beyond occasional appearances in TA monthly shootouts or other challenges.)

Money well spent - the gun is back on the keeper list.
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