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An offer my LGS made to the community

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Mods, feel free to move or delete this post if you feel it is misplaced or inappropriate. I don't think he'll get anywhere with this, but it is a generous gesture.

I don't mean this as an advertisement at all...only wanted to share.
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Generous gesture, and a good idea.

I wonder how they can afford it! ...unless they are banking (ha) on not being taken up on their offer.
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I agree, it is an action in the positive direction indeed.

This will not cost them as much as you may think, only in upfront cost, however, this will be a great tax write-off for the company.

Need more like this to come forward and do the same.
Very generous. Certainly something to consider.
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You have to really respect someone who is willing to put his $$$$ where his mouth is.
Generous offer. Depending o how big the town is and if taken up on the offer, that could get expensive, even at wholesale prices.
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