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And no, it wasn't because she was a crime victim. She is Tiffany Johnson of Front Sight Press, and was on a radio show in Ohio this month talking about her transformation from being an average anti gunner to pro gun, and how and why it occurred. I say average, because it's been my experience that although the majority of anti gunners are merely misinformed, there's a few die hard ones who make it a cause to defend their position no matter how ridiculous they are. I've heard some of them actually say guns really are actually at fault for peoples actions, as if the gun somehow had some magical properties to affect bad people psychologically, as if the gun is possessed. (like an old TV show called Dead Mans gun) There was also an ex con in Time Magazine once who go's around giving anti gun speeches, and he said, "I know if I hadn't been able to get a gun I never would've robbed that liquor store."

Regarding her speech at the UN, she illustrated the hypocrisy of how the people who are anti gun have armed people protecting them.

Ballistic Radio is thrilled to welcome Tiffany Johnson of Front Sight Press to the show to talk about her experience transitioning from an anti-gun individual to a firearms instructor. Johnson talks about her early assumptions towards firearms, what drove her to take her first class, and some of the misconceptions she had as someone who believed firearms were a fundamental problem. She discusses some of the ways pro-gun people hurt their own argument for guns and what might be substituted for the cliches commonly thrown around.

Johnson also shares her experience about speaking in front of the United Nations as a pro-gun advocate and how she would like to see our pro-gun fight on a global level.
The link has a podcast radio interview, that can be listened to online or downloaded to an mp3 for offline listening.

The Gun Owner?s Guide To Avoiding Pyrrhic Victories (Podcast ? Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 191, January 1st, 2017) ? Ballistic Radio
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