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Firearms News Widget

Firearms News Widget – Get It For Your Website

AmmoLand Gun News

Manasqaun, NJ -
-(AmmoLand.com)- Looking for an easy to use tool to host important breakinggun news on your website or blog.

AmmoLand has developed an easy to use tool just for you.

Now you can publish constantly updated pro-gun news stories on your own website. This is a fast way to provide valuable information for your visitors and an easy way to support the pro-gun cause.

All you have to do is copy and paste a little snippet of code to your site and our news stories will be automatically fed to your page.

You just need to install the AmmoLand News Widget on your blog, website and we do the rest to update the widget with all kinds of firearms news and events.

The AmmoLand News Widget updates itself automatically every time we post Gun News on AmmoLand. Feed real time gun news to your readers readers and fans and help spread the word.

Here is the widget in action:
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