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Thanks to Mr, SSB for the note about Flitz having a website. Since I have had some for over 25 years, I wasn't aware on how prevailant it has become.

I spent the weekend at 2 different gun shows. At a couple booths I noticed there are now multiple offerings of Flitz for different items, even for ( as mentioned in the other thread) marine paint and I saw some for polishing used brass.

There seemed to be two different offerings for what used to be the standard Flitz in a tube.

Mine ( what is left) are both orange tubes and have it prominently stated on the tubes that Pottassium is added.

When I return to work from med leave I will do a gas chromatigram analysis ( think the CSI shows where they put the unknown into a liquid- place it in a small vial and then inject it into a machine for a spectral printout in chart form). It wont tell me everything in it but I can compare the graphs.

I THINK the Metal,Plastic and Fiberglass polish is the correect one. I bought a small tube to compare. I may even try calling them now that there is an American manufacturer. ( chemical still made in Germany from packaging).

I will let you know more as I find out.

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