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Aguila ammo

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Hello guys got a quetion for ya. Anyone tried the mexican ammo called Aguila?
I fired some lead round nose and it a very dirty round, had to spend more time cleaning the revo than normal. Besides that what are your comments? The have a sjhp standard preasure round I think it is 158gr, anyone has any experience with it? as it looks like a good option for SD carry.
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Ups! sorry, obviously I reefering to 38 special.

Nope! that is the sad part, dont have acces to Us made ammo, its either aguila or S&B and they do not make HPs in 38 spl, they have a soft point but I have not yet seen it in the store only FMJs.

Last time I checked only these brands are for sale, who knows why only these and not Fiochi or Magtech? Maybe these aere cheaper :???: I know it sucks, dont remind me.
Will check tomorrow and see if there is anything new.


I am limited to an official store, owned by the armed forces. I either buy from them or from them! :D
Anything else is contraband, :???: humm not a bad option, never thought about it. 8)
Ok got some photos! bad photos from my cel, but it should be enough. I have compared the aguilas to the winchesters.
Wins on the left and Aguila to the right.

The Aguila has big! nice slug, the half jacket is bigger as is the lead portion.
The casing and slug appear to be good quality, in this case the slug looks better than the winchesters, but they maybe older also.

The primers seem the same but this picture does not help much :rolleyes:

I think the aguilas are 158gr, I am almost sure, they are standard preasure, wins are +P. Regarding the Winchesters I do not know the exact weight, I saw similar pictures in the winchester site but one was 110gr and the other was129gr, the first was a law enforcement ammo, the second I do not remember.

So any more comments are welcome.!

By the way I heard must snubs are targeted at the factory with 158gr bullets, where should expect more or less point of impact with the Winchesters? remember I only got 5 of those! aint going to shoot them unless its in selfdefence.

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Qwiks draw said:
How old are these rounds...or...are there more Aguila's roundsthan the Winchester?

The Aguilas can be found by the truck loads, but Winchesters I only found 5. That is the reason I do not want to waste one just see the point of impact. Would have liked to carry the winchesters in the revo(since they should hit harder) and extra 5 Aguilas as spare ammo, but I really do not know the point of impact, and that could count against me en a SD situation, dont you think
This is Ironic, a couple of weeks ago I was in a dilema of choosing between the only two makers of ammo I had at hand. Yesterday this all changed in a minute. A friend of mine gave me half a box of .38spl Federal 158gr leadroundnose(red box) this has to be old ammo for the reasons I already explained regarding the imports of US made ammo to my country. Well as a surprise I found in the box 5 rounds of Federal LSWHP +p!!!! and three rounds of W-Super-W SJHP +p(who makes these).
Now I can carry:

Regular Aguila SJHP
Winchester SJHP +P
Fedreal LSWHP +P
W-Super-W SJHP +P
Federal LRN

What would you carry? (rate them)
also this ammo must be old at least 7 years, would you trust 7-10 year old ammo?
Who makes those WsuperW?
What are the weights of these rounds?(any other info is welcome)

Please advise.

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Thanks doug, you bought that in the states? or you just heard about it? Do you find Aguila in the gun stores regulary?
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