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Aguila ammo

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Hello guys got a quetion for ya. Anyone tried the mexican ammo called Aguila?
I fired some lead round nose and it a very dirty round, had to spend more time cleaning the revo than normal. Besides that what are your comments? The have a sjhp standard preasure round I think it is 158gr, anyone has any experience with it? as it looks like a good option for SD carry.
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I've shot their 45 auto in the past without any issues. I may have shot it in other calibers but don't recall.

As far as their JHP I'm not sure. I found their site but its awaiting updating. I'd rather trust a US designed hollow point but I'm not sure if you have access to them or if they are outrageously priced.

As I was thinking about it, can you get ahold of Magtech ammo in Honduras? I've heard some good things about their high end line. http://www.magtechammunition.com/

If you can't locate any other brands I'd take any design of JHP over ball (to include lead round nose etc). This way you have a chance of expansion, with ball you have none.

Are you looking at a local gun shop or are you limited to an "official" store? If at a local store, how far would you have to go to get to the next closest store to check out there offerings? Is either store willing/able to order in ammo from their supplier?

One point in your favor is that the 158gr slugs tend to hit to point of aim in most small frame revolvers.

Not to give you any illegal ideas... if you reload your own ammo or know someone who does, I'd think that you could find some quality JHP bullets that resemble the ones sold as complete cartridges and load them in Aquila cases so that they appear to be factory ammo. It would take a knowledgeable person to spot the difference.

For bullets I'd think that anything from the US makers would work but without seeing (and comparing) the bullets actually used I can't say for sure.

I can't place the SJHP's without research but that Federal LSWHP is most likely a 158gr Lead Hollow Point which has a decades long track record in this country. I carry the same basic load from Remington in my 38 when I carry it. I'd recommend it.

After the LHP ammo I'd pick either of the SJHP +P loads so you have a chance of expansion. I want to say that the W-Super-W is also Winchester ammo. After those then I'd pick the standard pressure Aquila SJHP.

The LRN ammo is likely to poke a hole in your target without doing much damage. That basic load was nicknamed "The Widowmaker" not due to its effectiveness on attackers but due to its lack of effectiveness. It was good at making police officers wives widows. Basically, its ball ammo for a 38.

As far as the age of the ammo, if its been stored well it should be fine. Here's a thread where we discuss this a bit more: http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/index.php?topic=4501.0

The Minishells have been out for a few years. They are neat but they don't feed well in some gun designs. Unfortunately I don't remember which ones they work well in, I just remember that they don't agree with Mossberg as thats what I have.

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rwcreigh said:
is it cheaper?
Is what cheaper?
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