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Hi folks. There isn't much can do for point of impact.
Different weight bullets will shoot to a higher or lower point from what you are getting know.Even same bullet weight cartridges made by the ammo makers can have different impact points do to different components and powders in the ammo make up.

Most fixed sight pistols have impact problems with being several inches right or left of where the sights show the bullet should be. There are no extra front blades in different sizes to raise or lower the sight and point of impact like some companies make for their pistols.

It usually takes a certain sized punch and a soft headed small hammer to drift the sights over in short increments until you get it where you want it. With the 24/7 it may be using the allen wrench to loosen the sight and move it with the punch a little at a time to where you want it and then tightening the screw back up. It may take some experimentation with the sight to get it in just the place you want it.

Otherwise it is Kentucky windage time. That is knowing where the bullet impacts on the target and then moving the sight left or right just enough to have the bullets hitting dead center on the target. Being a revolver man at first, I got to try long range shooting at various distances. If the wind is blowing that can affect bullet placement as well. If you already are aware of all this disregard.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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