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I have two PT 1911B's and soon a PT 1911SS. Add into the mix a PT 24/7 PRO and a PT 145 PRO (all in .45acp) and all are equipped with Hiene two dot sights.

Somewhere in the threads I thought I saw posts on sucessful installations of Adj. rear sights and red fiber optic front sights.

Will somebody who has been sucessful in these endevours I would be most greatful greatful of how to's and web sites for the parts.

For my old eyes black (front sight) on black (the target) along with black (rear sights) presents siight alignment and aiming problems.

Last question. Will somebody please tell me show me the way to post photos on the forum? A picture is worth a thousand words and I type slow.

Pack heat and be conscious of your surroundings.

Thanks to all who can help.

H/P Bob in SC where my A/C is still running. (Hey I'm not complaining, I'll take A/C bills over heating bills any day.) :D
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