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Adjustable and fiber optic red sights.

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I have two PT 1911B's and soon a PT 1911SS. Add into the mix a PT 24/7 PRO and a PT 145 PRO (all in .45acp) and all are equipped with Hiene two dot sights.

Somewhere in the threads I thought I saw posts on sucessful installations of Adj. rear sights and red fiber optic front sights.

Will somebody who has been sucessful in these endevours I would be most greatful greatful of how to's and web sites for the parts.

For my old eyes black (front sight) on black (the target) along with black (rear sights) presents siight alignment and aiming problems.

Last question. Will somebody please tell me show me the way to post photos on the forum? A picture is worth a thousand words and I type slow.

Pack heat and be conscious of your surroundings.

Thanks to all who can help.

H/P Bob in SC where my A/C is still running. (Hey I'm not complaining, I'll take A/C bills over heating bills any day.) :D
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HP Bob...
Here is a thread that might help:
might be the one you were looking at..
Here is a Site i found on Fiber Optic Sights:


Hope this gets you started...be patient..there are guys on here that know about this stuff ;)

Now as far as posting pics...I can help with that... :D

I had a hard time and then i found...


you sign up for free and then go to your albums/uploads..

Then go over to the side where it says "Browse"
there are 3 places there to load pics, or you can do more if you want

When you open browse it will take you to where ever you have pics on your computer(My Pictures)
Once you find a pic you want, double-click on it and it will transfer it to Photobucket...then click on "Browse" again to load another..
Everytime you want a pic, just click on "Browse" and double-click the pic... ;)

Now for the cool part... :D

once you have the pics on the website..

you can do many things..
First at the top of the pic, it will have this:
move | tag | edit | share | delete
go to edit and then it will give you some options, the one i use is :
you can adjust the pic for: e-mail, thumbnail, avitar
E-mail works the best on forums or thumbnail also..
them go back to your "Album"

(Be careful though, because once you resize you have can't change it...the only way is to go upload the pic again and do it again, bigger or smaller)... :eek:... :rolleyes:

Now you have 4 things under the pic:

Click 1 time on the box that has IMG Code next to it..in a sec it will say "copied"
NOW...Drum Roll......... :) :) :D
go to the thread that you want to post a pic on in the forum and Paste it in the reply

When i am on the forum, i open another window on my computer and keep "Photobucket" on also..
then as i want to post a pic somewhere i just go back and forth between the forum and photobucket...pretty cool

Hope this made sense and helps...

If you are not sure about something PM me and i will explain more... :D ;)
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