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Add-On Projects for the PT1911

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I am seriously looking at adding the Taurus 1911 to my collection. I have been impressed with all I've read about the technical aspects of the gun, and the outstanding reports of those here who already own them. However, I have started making a list of the "add-on" items I can see as potential.

Unlike most 1911 models, the innards of the gun seem to be very well taken care of and a crisp, clean trigger is in place... so no replacement triggers, hammers, sears, etc will be needed... even the over sized beaver tail looks great. But here is my list... and I'd like to ask those of you who have one of these fine guns to add your opinions to my list.

  • Because of the finish that Taurus has chosen, I would immediately refinish the slide in a Duracoat Stainless Steel. It has proved that it will stand up to the wear better than reports I've seen and heard. Besides, I like the Two-Tone contrast of the Stainless slide on my PT145
  • The plastic grips will have to go. I love the looks of the Coco bolo grips on a black frame and CDNN has some nice ones for about $20 plus new hex head screws.
  • I really like the dual spring recoil reducer that Taurus uses in the Millennium Pro series... It soaks up the recoil. The full length recoil rod doesn't appear to have the spring system in the PT1911 and I think I would have to upgrade that bit of hardware since I know how it affects the short barrel guns.
  • Last on my list would probably be a different set of sights. The Wilson 3 dot sights are designed for 1911 guns, however there would still probably be a bit of shimming to do given the Taurus dovetail, but it would be worth the effort. I've been pretty adverse to spending a $100+ for night sights for a gun that carries a $300+ price tag, but in truth the 1911 would be a weapon that would be worth investing in a good set of sights for... so even the Heinie 3 dot night sights would be an option.

OK... that is my speculation without ever having handled the weapon outside of a gun store. What about you guys who own and have shot your PT1911... what other items would you add to this list?
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Mine has been great, my observations are as follows:

Finish is poor, I too will refinish but not right off the bat, and I've actually been thinking a desert tan for it.

The grips are very "grippy" the checkering is a little sharp and the plain black plastic just doesn't do it for me, I also like the cocobolo and will probably go with some sort of exotic hardwood.

Hadn't thought about the spring but sounds like a good idea, although the PT1911 is very pleasant to shoot, much less ssnappy than the 145.(which isn't bad itself)

Bigtime ditto on the sights! I'm getting used to the Heine's but still don't love them, I just hate having to learn a different way to shoot for now 2 guns, wish I could have the 3 dots on the 145 and the 1911.

In addition to your suggestions I have considered laser grips but probably won't do it (not worth $200 IMO), and have thought about polishing the barrel and adding stainless safety/hammer/slide release if I stick with a dark color, just because I think it looks nice.

Not really a lot that "needs" to be done to it though, it's a pretty darn good gun right out of the box.
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Good idea on the guide rod laser, I've seen them but forgot all about them.(still pricey though)

As far as the stainless, how long do you want to wait?? I've heard all sorts of dates for release, aas far out as fall '09.
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