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First, let me say that i really enjoy these Taurus weapons. I no issue with their construction. Most of the guns i own are Taurus. I do however have issue with Taurus web page that commonly publishes incorrect information. Doesn't Taurus realize that the information published is a direct reflection on their perceived professionalism as a whole? Plus shouldn't they take the time to collect data on their guns (keep them in a comprehensive complete archive data base) to allow their customers to have access for reference. It has come to be expected as the other reputable manufactures provide this information.

Now that i have that off my chest here are my findings:

bullets weighed for use:
5 x 250 grn Bayou coated bullets loaded 8.8 grns CFE Remington LP primers starline brass = 4.25 oz
5 various 410/45 rounds ONE Remington 410 ooo buck, two 410 hornady critical defense , two 45 colt hornady 225gr FTX leverevolution= 3.95 oz
9 various 22 lr = 1.05 oz

M94 ss 4 inch- published wt= 25oz actual empty=28.450z/1.778lbs

M450UL ss 2inch published wt=20 oz actual empty=20.2oz/1.260lbs (they did well on this one)

Okay now for what started this whole thing:
(all weapons are 2 1/2 cylinders)

Remember the Poly PD has two different weights published 23 and 27 oz. when i called Taurus they said both the stainless and blued cylinder weighed in at 27 oz.
the PD UL was said to be about 24 to 26 oz.

Poly PD published wt 23or27 oz actual empty(small grips)= 23.7oz/1.480lbs
(4-425 grips)= 24.1oz/1.506lbs
loaded 4-425 grips= 28.05oz/1.754lbs

PDUL as told by Taurus tech 24-26oz actual empty(small grips)= 20.95oz/1.310lbs
(4-425 grips)= 21.35oz/1.332lbs
loaded 4-425 grips= 25.25oz/1.582lbs

Judge 3 inch ss published wt=29oz
I have the Judge 4 inch ss couldn't find published wt actual empty=36.10oz/2.256lbs

JudgeUL 3inch in archives published wt=22.4oz
i have 4inch JudgeUL couldn't find published wt actual empty=26.30oz/1.644lbs

well there you have it. actual real wts for my Taurus weapons. i hope this helps everyone and everyone sends Taurus an email to let them know that it is important to provide their customers accurate specifications. It does make a difference to most of us as to how we want to apply the various models.

Now that i actually know the real weight of the Poly PD vs the Ultra lite it will come down to how they both shoot and their perspective perceived recoil. i am speculating but i think my girlfriend will still want to go with the Poly. I may as well but i like the idea of a loaded PDUL weighing almost the same as the Poly loaded. Still it will come down to how it shoots and carries.

the Judge ss shoots super soft and now i know why. It is a great pleasure to shoot. i will have to see how the JudgeUL performs at the range but i can see that field carry would go to the JudgeUL.

more to come i am sure.
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