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accessory rails

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I hate these things. Is there any way to stop taurus from defaceing the PT-line of pistols???
Sorry I just needed to say it.
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Its not just Taurus. The subcompact XDs, the Kel-Tec PF-9 the baby S&W M&P's, the larger baby Glocks (29/30), Walther PPS and I'm guessing that there's more that have a rail or some sort of hardware mount under the barrel. The vast majority of people will never use the rail but we're stuck with it.

I'm still waiting for a service revolver with a standard rail under the barrel. I think Smith did one but it was a Performance Center weapon and I don't know if its a standard listed item or not, don't care either.

I bought my PT1911 1B1 because it had the rail. It's perfect for night time home defense. I guess you can always machine off the rails, but it would be a waste of time and $ though.
Amen brother. Unless you are some kind of SWAT operative you really won't use the rail. The only exception I can think of is a strictly HD gun that maybe has a light on it. But a baby Glock? Come on-nobody wants a flashlight bigger than their pistol.
any good holsters out there for a PT-92 with an accessory rail? I'm having trouble finding one, that and the fact that i'm a lefty adds to the hardship.

I know this isn't the best forum for this, concealed carry would prob be the best, but since the subject came up........
I like the accessory rail. When you want to mount a laser sight or anything like that, it just doesn't get any easier than a standardized rail. I guess you could always use one that mounts to the trigger guard and just gets in the way...
well if you are gonna use the AR, it's cool and nice to have, but otherwise it's just a hassle to have there.
My PT 92 is my H.D./range gun. I like the rail. I have a laserlyte mounted for that "bump in the night". In a darkened room, I would always know where the muzzle is pointed while I check out the noise.
I don't see the use for it on a CCW piece.

worthit_99, Most holstermakers have southpaw versions of their products. Find one that you like, and when you call and order it, specify that you want a "lefty", and that it's for the model with a rail. You'll end up paying $70 or more for a decent leather holster, you might as well get what you want.
If nylon is O.K. check the Protech line. They have an Ambi model that will accomodate the PT 92 with a laser attached. Here's the one I'm reffering to from one of their outlets. http://www.holsterss.com/servlet/th...ters,side-holsters,tactical,laser,rail/Detail
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