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Just some comments regarding holsters, speedloaders, etc. for my new Taurus 65 stainless with the 4" barrel.

Started looking for holsters, but really don't want to spend a lot of money, as I will soon be on a "fixed income", as they say. I had, as it turns out, three Triple-K Carrylight holsters that I've accumulated over the years - one is sized for a S&W L-Frame (which fits my Colt King Cobra), and two are for S&W K-Frames. (Don't ask me how I ended up with two K-Frame holsters of the same type. I guess I bought one for my S&W Model 10, then I must have forgotten I had it when I purchased my Rossi 97104 a few years ago and bought another one.) These are leather right side belt holsters with snap thumb breaks. The older of these two seems to fit the 65 like a glove (but the newest one that fits the Rossi is too tight.)

I also have a Galco Wheelgunner, which is the old Bill Grover Texas High Ride. Very versatile holster, in that it has a sort of belt-slide piece that threads on one's belt, either strong side or cross draw, then the main body of the holster slips into the belt slide and is secured with a strap and snap. The strap passes through two slits in the holster and the top half terminates into a T-shaped slot that slips over the hammer spur to secure the revolver in the holster. The hammer thong is a very secure way to retain the revolver, but not fast to disengage. If I think that there is the remotest chance I may need the revolver, such as running out to the store or something, I always unhook the hammer thong. This is really a good EDC holster for three reasons, you can unsnap the securing strap from the belt slide part and remove the holster for those times when you go somewhere, such as the Post Office, where you can't carry. It rides very high, placing the cylinder above the top of the belt, so that the muzzle-end of the holster is not visible below the covering garment. Finally, because it rides so high, the muzzle of the revolver is not pressing down into seat cushions or jamming down against a chair seat. The Wheelgunner fits the Rossi, the Colt, and the Taurus 65.

When I was looking for a holster for the 65 I happened to check Amazon, and they advertised a Fobus paddle holster that specifically calls out the Taurus 65 as to fit. I don't use Fobus holsters very much, but find them to be convenient if I just want to slip a holster one for a quick errand or for yard work or something. This one was really inexpensive, so I took a chance on it. Well, it didn't fit. The Taurus 65 would drop in, but not deep enough to obtain any retention from the holster. The S&W Model 10 would drop in way too far, and it rattled around like a bean in a maracas. The Rossi and the King Cobra would not fit either. So this one went back for a refund.

Anyway I will probably use the Taurus 65 for wintertime carry, so for now the Triple-K and the Wheelgunner will work. During the warmer months I will likely switch back to my 1911, Hi-Power, or CZ 95, all of which I carry IWB and can be concealed unde a T-shirt.

As to speedloaders, I had always relied on HKS, as they always seemed to have a model that fit any of my revolvers. When I bought the 65 I thought I would try the Safariland Comp II. I also had a couple of HKS 10's that fit my Model 10 and my Rossi 971. As it happens, the HKS Model 10 doesn't work in the 65 as well as does the Comp II. It seems like the HKS 10 holds the .357 cartridges just a little too tightly, whereas the Comp II allows just a little bit of wiggle room or something. But the Comp II and the HKS 10 both work fine in the S&W 10 and the Rossi 971.

I also have in the past used the Bianchi SpeedStrips, and like the flat package - perfect for slipping intl the watch pocket of my jeans. The SpeedStrip has the further advantage that one can easily do a partial reload.

I find that lately I've been wearing my Taurus 65 in the Galco Wheelgunner, and carrying one Bianchi SpeedStrip and one Comp II for my realoads.

So that's it, so far. I really suggest that Taurus 65 owners check out that Galco Wheelgunner. Very versatile holster.
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