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I carry the spare mag for my XD SC in my left front pocket. When I carry a revolver I usually carry a speed strip and a speed loader. FYI, I'm only 5'6" and a gun that size isn't that difficult to conceal. I'd suggest asking about what holsters have worked well for people down in the Mil Pro area, you'll likely get more responses specific for your weapon.

Yes, according to the statistics the amount of ammo in the gun should be sufficient to deal with the threat. And I have never heard of a civilian dieing from running out of ammo during an attack. However, if my day (or night) has gone the tubes so far that I get into a fight for my life, the statistics have now been tossed out the window and I'll be slightly more comfortable knowing that I have a reload available. But remember that Mr. Murphy isn't your friend at that point.

Plus some types of pistol failures need a good mag to fix. Yes, the odds are that the fight will be over before you get the gun back up and running

I recommend getting a pocket holster for the mag to protect your pocket lining from the wear of the feed lips. This is something that I still need to do myself...

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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