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A RedDot on a Taurus 94

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I decided to move the project to the Smithing Forum. The start was in my thread "Oh What a Beautiful Sit it Is" in the revolver Forum. You can go there for the start of the RedDot story.
Today I played around a little with setting up the RD. My set up is kinda "barnyard engineering" and it at least got me in the ball park at 30 ft.
I will take the gun rack to the range to do the firing and see where the bullet goes. Then fine tune from there.
My biggest problem was my 68 year old arms shaking. That dot was all over the target.
Here are a few pics of the set up. I had fun anyhow.


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COOL set up- NSWB!!How'd you get the red dot on there??? Sorry about the grips not working for you either! Taurus has pink rubber ones to fit, but I don't think you want those! VBG!!!;)
The reddot is from the yellow laser thing that is mounted in front of the Taurus. It doesn't show so well in the picture, but the red line is about two feet long on the door and lined up with a piece of green masking tape on the door. The brightest part of the line is the top. The Red Dot does not project to the target. I sited the 94 with the iron sites and placed a black line on the masking tape. I now had a (ballpark) verticle and horizontal reference. Then I mount the RD and adjust the rectile to the mark and red line.
Not the best way, but got me in the ballpark, or barnyard.
Well, the RedDot project has been put on hold. I was waiting for my Heritage RR to come back from warranty repair before putting the RD on the Taurus 94 more permanently. Got the RR back today and it still does not lock up on two chambers. Original complaint was three chambers. How repair can overlook such a problem is beyond me. So its back to warranty repair, this time with a video and very detailed cover sheet.
I will continue the RD project when I can dedicate the 94. I am using it now for the Clubs Cowboy Shoot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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