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Sigs and AR's are taking up much of time lately. I've owned and sold a few Sigs in the past. In 2020 - 2021 my main push was to collect 2 each of the main 80 - 90's LE and Military pistols. I am almost done, just need another S&W gen 3 (prob a 5903) to fill out that rack. In the last 5 months I picked up a used W German 226 Nitron and recently a used P220 W German Nitron ( still in process of rebuilding and tuning the P220)
So why all the build up, because now I am adding Poly's to the same collection. My first investment was Sig's M18:
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In case you've been on the moon or in Biden's basement you may not have heard about the Sig M17 becoming one of our armed forces duty weapons. Soon after they released the M17, the M18 was announced. The M18 is a P320 Carry with a few upgrades. The M18 is the main sidearm of the US Marines and also is picking up a lot of LEO interest.
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I suppose one of the main draws to this platform is its modularity. The original factory grip module is a medium, I picked up a large for about $50 and am using it. The medium is too small for me, with the large grip module it kinda feels like a Beretta 92. It is easy to swap the FCU into any compatible frame.
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The target above was shot today at 15 yards, whilst the shooter shivered, in a light cold drizzle. Perfect weather to test out a Sig. These are two runs with different reloads, those weird flyers are my reload, those 115 coated RN-NLG are so accurate, but it seems to always take 3 shots to get the pistol and the ammo to work together. I am pleased with this M18's performance and accuracy. Between the two grip modules I am up to 220 rounds with no issues.
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Here is my stable of Sig ponies so far. But lets dig into the M18 a bit more. Sig's M18 weighs 27.8 oz's with an unloaded 21 round mag inserted, with 17+1 is 35.4 oz's, 21+1 is 37 oz's. My M18 runs has a sweet 4lb trigger pull weight, with a 1/8" takeup, and a similar reset. Sigs P320-M18 comes standard with siglite night sights and a removable sight rear plate. The slide is optic ready and directly compatible with the romeo1 pro along with a few others. The slide and grip module are the same coyote tan as the military version, and it includes (1) 17 round magazine and (2) 21 round magazines. It is 7.2" long, 1.6" wide, 5.5" tall, with a 3.9" carbon steel barrel. The slide is stainless. The price was $659 out the door. kinda pricey, but I think it is worth it.

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Congratulations on your new Sig P320-M18 and may it serve you well! :) Also, very nice collection of Sigs you have there! :cool:
I very much like the shorter Slide/Barrel Length with the Full Size Grip configuration and consider it's handling qualities superior to many Full Sized Service Pistols, such as the M17.
Looks like you had good shooting results with it!

You may find the review below entertaining:

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