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My 581 heavy barreled mini is a very dependable rifle,but lacked a little in the sight option area. I decided to do a little smithing but had to do quite of research to make sure it wasn't a waist of time.

I purchased an AMD-65 comp and M14 front sight base.The sight base had a bird cage flash hider that was lopped off and ground down on the lathe.Being M14x1 left hand threads turned out to be a positive.The Mini's barrel under the factory sight is perfect for 14mm threads.I know some would go and have the barrel turned down,but I wanted to try and avoid sending my rifle off right now.My lathe is a small desktop version so there is no possibility for me to do it.

The M14 front sight base had to be reamed out.I matched the front part of the sight based to the barrel diameter under the original sight (.562) and the back side the same diameter as the largest diameter (.622). It is a snug fit and plan on having it pinned once everything is 100%.I am waiting for the actual sight to come in.I also removed the lug from the bottom to avoid and other issue that may arrive due to having it.;)

Long story short,this is an area the mini lacks.The factory sight and lack of options is a drawback to the solid action of the rifle.I now have windage adjustment as well as a bunch of sight options.Not to forget there is also a lot of muzzle devices that are 14x1L as well.I am very pleased with the overall appearance,and will give a final report once the sight arrives and get her tuned in.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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