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A Little Gift For My 709

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Nothing like snow and cold weather to get me in the tinkering mode:

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel
Gun Trigger Firearm Gun accessory Starting pistol
Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Starting pistol

Installed the new single action trigger last week on my G2. Liked it so well I bought another one and just installed it on my 709. Basically followed the YT G2 install video by Keep Tinkering. The G2 & 709 are almost identical. There is no install video for the 709. There are a few differences that I found out as I went along. Haven't been to the range yet.

It appears that there are several frame pin variants of the 709: 4 pins (mine), 3 pins, and 2 pins. I'm only familiar with doing this on my 4 pin model and would issue a word of caution on trying this with the other variants, especially the 2 pin model. If there is any interest I can share more details.

PS - On 3/05, 2 days ago, I went to the range and ran 16 mags through her. Each mag holds 7 rounds so I fired off 112 bullets. There was only 1 incident in which the trigger failed to reset giving a dead trigger feel. This involved only one bullet early in the test.
Today, 3/07, I returned to the range and fired off 16 mags all without failure. So far so good!
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Fantastic -- I'm glad you like it

My 709 will be done soon with TK's trigger
pt111rat: How many frame pins does your 709 have? The model with 3 pins I think is most like a G2. That, in the trigger housing, there is a pin securing it. With mine, being 4 pins, the trigger is secured in the housing with a frame pin. Once putting mine back together, the new trigger would bind up. So what I did was use a shorter pin that just secured the new trigger within the housing itself. If you look closely at my pics, it looks like it is missing a frame pin. But I feel the front frame pin sufficiently holds the trigger housing to the frame. Doing it this way there is no binding. Not wanting to cut short the frame pin, I used a finishing nail that I cut short. Approx dimensions need to be: 0.65" X 0.094". Or you could go to Harbor Freight and get their roll pin assortment set.
I had to lightly sand the bottom of the trigger so it wouldn't rub on the inside of the guard. Doesn't take much.
Wow, looks good OP!
Once everything was all back together, I put this back on:

Firearm Gun Trigger Starting pistol Gun barrel
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Hey BoB
My 709 has 3 pins just like the pt111 g2
Thanks for the infro. on the sanding of trigger I will keep a eye on that
Now I like that laser -- others I do not like and that's the 1st that I've liked

As much that I like my 111g2 Full DAO I decided to change the 709 to SAO - KT's trigger yesterday and that laser just reinforced me to make the 709 my night stand gun
That's the CT Laserguard 447. They're a bit pricey but well-made.
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