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A gunner's prayer

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Now I lay me
Down to sleep
Under my pillow
My nine I keep
If I die
Before I wake
All my things
I know you'll take
But if I hear you
Come through my door
I'll have my sights
On your core
And instead of you
Being the taker
You'll be the one
Meeting his maker
Amen...Kind of brings a tear to your eye don't it.
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I like it!!
LOVE it!
Yep!! That`s the way it will be!!
Sounds great to me. Now go to sleep.:)
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But... But... But... I don't have a Nine. I have seven... of 357 loving kindness...
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Whew! Scared me for a second.
This is not a prayer. God is not involved. You may pass.
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I'll add it to my other ones.
Change nine to 44 magnum and it's perfect!!
:icon_ rocker:
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