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Hi Folks,

I would post this in the politics section but Im not at my 50 yet.


I justed watched hickok45 on youtube, his latest entry, he speaks about the 2nd amendment and other related issues, he mentioned in the video talking amongst ourselves on these issues or "preaching to the choir" which lead me to this post.

A few weeks back I read a book by Richard Poe titled "The seven myths of gun control" maybe you've read it maybe you have'nt. If not you should, if you have then please pass it along to someone who hasnt, preferably an anti gun supporter so that they may be educated on the facts (it still may not change their mind but maybe they will gain some sensible knowledge)

I'll be the first to admit I wasnt "educated" on the 2nd amendment and Im still on the quest for knowledge. The more I find, the more scared I become for this country. The only thing I can do is educate myself, my family and friends and vote!

I found my copy of the book on amazon.com for about 7 dollars.

God bless
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