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A good deal!

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I went shopping for some stuff at Gander Mountain today, mind you I don't normally go to Gander Mountain because their prices are just way to high, but I needed something and no one else had what I needed in stock so I thought I'd try GM.

While in the store I decided to check ammo prices I found they had some Winchester Cowboy 45 Colt 50rd boxes listed on the shelf for $27.99 a box. That's a pretty good deal! When I took 5 boxes up to the counter it rang up as $49.99 a box!!!! Not a good deal. So I told the girl at the counter about the marked price, we went back to the ammo area and I showed her the display, she talked to the manager, he said" it's marked that way give it to him at that price". He immediately pulled the price from the display.

I think I got a good deal!
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Good manager so don't tell the locals or he might get fired.
that was great john and a real good manager. :thumb:
Was that the Gander Moutain out on xxx going towards that Blue city in Texas?:D
No it was the GM on 59 at 99 in Texas
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