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After owning this gun for close to 2 years, I finally had the cylinder for my 608SS4 machined for moonclips. Primary reason was none of the major suppliers of speedloaders had one for this 8 shot .357. Maxfire makes one but they are only good for one load, then they are hosed. The web between the two rear most rounds sit directly side-by-side. After you insert the rounds into the cylinder, you slide the speedloader straight out to the side and the rims of the rounds disengage from their pockets and the rounds are free to drop into their respective holes in the cylinder. The side by side rims of the rear most rounds pinch the web between them and it tears. After that, they will no longer secure the rounds in the loader and they can fall out.

Fortunately, I bought mine through Brownells and they took them back - no questions asked.

I had the cylinder work done by Ten-Ring Precision in San Antonio, TX, which is one of the people listed on TK Custom Moonclips site. They weren't the least expensive of the couple listed (for 608s), but they included 3 clips for the price.

They machine the cylinder, which still allows you to use the gun with, or without the clips. I pulled the yoke ass'y and separated the cylinder (mainly so I'd know just how things worked - I'm that kinda guy), and put the two back together finger tight. I had it back within a week. Admittedly, I was a nervous camper having my gun parts "whacked" on by a stranger, but they did an excellent job and my fears were totally unfounded.

I have since picked up a loader, unloader, and a number of extra clips from TK Custom. The two tools speed up handling the rounds and spent brass considerably.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either of the above, other than providing testimony as a satisfied customer.

As an aside: holsters for the 608.

I was having a dickens of a time finding a holster to properly fit this gun. During a chance visit to a local gun shop, they had an Uncle Mike's Sidekick model (size 2) that fits the gun perfectly.
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