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9mm gotta ask stuff

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Since some of you know I am new to 9mm's. I know that reload recipes are like cars but... what is a good round to load for these. The powders I have now are 231, VV2N37, Hi Skor700x, Blue Dot, Trail Boss and some H110. Just trying to get an idea of the weight and type to load. I already shot a box of 115gr FMJ factory and like those. SOOOOOOO any ideas ;D Like I said I want to get used to shooting the 24/7 Pro with some sort of accuracy.

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For my Dillon mass produced Match Target loading, I have standardized on the 124 grn Bullet weight, usually a Berry's 124 grn Plated Flat Point, powered by a charge of 4.8 grns of WST, which delivers a solid 1120 fps from most 4.5 to 5 inch 9mm barrels. Been loading it for years now.

Another good load is 5.0 grns of Green Dot under any 124 grn FMJ, loaded to 1.15 OAL. Velocity averages 1140 fps.

Except for H110, there is 9mm load data available for the powders you have on hand. Just find a good bullet you can buy a lot of and develop a load for it!
I don't know about the VV or the Hi Skor, but of the others, the 231 is the only powder fast and dense enough to use in the 9mm. It'd be good for light to medium sub +P loads. I use Unique for HOT loads. I use Bullseye for my practice loads, but 231 is similar in burn rate and application to Bullseye.
One thing I have noticed on this forum and others is there are a lot of reloaders that use Unique Powder. I might have to invest in a container just to see how it shoots in the 9 and some of my other calibers. Waiting for my die set to come in and still bouncing from the 115gr and the 124gr. In due time I will find one that works just right for me.
I have a Dillon square deal set up to load a 115 grain JHP (winchesters, cheap from Midway) over enough Bullseye to make minimum power level for IDPA. I'd have to look up the charge weight, but it's sub max load at something over 1000 fps IIRC. Bullseye is a good powder for general purpose 9mm loads. I like Unique for +P loads. That Winchester 115 grain bullet is pretty accurate. I shot it in IDPA for a while and did fine with it.
try and load a box or two with each powder* (try couple different charges, shoot it and see what you/gun likes the best...

*Trail Boss and H110 aren't sutable for 9mm,
but 231, Hi Skor700x, Blue Dot will work fine... Not sure anout VV2N37, or did you mean 3N37 -which would also be OK.
Received my dies and loaded some 115gr JHP with 4.8gr of W231. I used my Lee Turret so I just had the disc sizes for powder. I will try later on the Dillon when I get another Conversion Set. Shot nice, I was impressed. Ordered some 124gr JHP and waiting for those to come in. One of the other shooters at the range said I could easily go to 5.1 gr of W231 with out any problems. Maybe later. Picked up a lot of 9mm brass also so now I could start doing more reloading in between the other reloads.
I have to many powders and have to weed some out.
Yes that was 3N37 ;D
I have to many powders and have to weed some out
So far I loaded 9mm with Blue Dot, Herco, Power Pistol, HS-6, Titegroup, SR4756, N350. I think I'll stick with Power Pistol from now on... nice and flashy and gives top vel. :D
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