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The reviews of the budget clones continues. Today we are talking about the EAA imported Girsan Regard. This clone is a mashup of the 92FS and the Beretta M9A3 I believe. There are so many Beretta 92's these days it is hard to tell.
This Turkish 92 clone is quite impressive. The pistol comes in a blue Girsan box and includes just one 18 round Mec-Gar magazine. Cleaning tools and paperwork.
Additional magazines are around $30 plus shipping. According the Classic Firearms it will also take Promag 92F mags, I will verify that when I have a few dollars to order one. My Beretta 17 round mag will cycle ok, but won't lock the slide back. Also when looking at the top of the mag inserted in the magwell with the slide off, it is too tall. While it does run, I am not going to use it.
This is how it looks after 100 rounds today. I see almost no wear patterns on any friction surfaces, including the barrel. My Beretta already had finish flake off on rails and barrel after the same amount of usage. The nitride coating not only adds some lubricity, it provides excellent protection. I did install a Beretta D spring and some G10 grips. Before the D Spring install DA trigger pull was north of 13lbs, long but smooth to a solid wall. The SA pull was 5.5lbs. With that said lets get into the specs:
Weight with unloaded mag - 34.7 ozs1- 18 round Mec-Gar magazine
DA pull after D spring = 9lbsSA pull after D spring = 3.7lbs
Trigger pull distance is 9/16"Reset distance is 3/16" audible and positive
integrated white dot front sightDrift adj rear two dot sight
Grip width = 1.32Safety/Decocker width = 1.53
Slide width = 1.13
Height = 5.5"OAL = 8.6"
Barrel length = 4.9"
Ambi safety/decocker4 - slot pic rail

Shooting impressions. This clone shoots and handles better than my Beretta M9. It is smooth cycling, and shoots better the faster you go. The grip is thinner than the 92FS, and all edges are smoothed out. Like the Taurus 92 the slide runs like butter, but it handles better and for me is more accurate. Magazine ejection is very positive, but I had to break my grip slightly to activate it. Spent cases eject consistently 5-8 feet back and to the right, it really sends them flying. The sights are average , just large enough to be useful. The front sight to rear notch play is just wide enough to be able to see the target area around the front sight. For me it was perfect. As expected recoil is a non issue, and this clone just wants to return to flat after every shot. Which leads to fantastic accuracy.
This target was at 15 yards and includes 6 - 4" circles. This beauty just puts rounds to POA so easy. My best run was a 3" group with 18 rounds. Many times I got into a rhythm shooting 18 rounds in under 8 seconds, which is pretty fast for me. The Regard is a pleasure to shoot. I had no failures today using 100 rounds of 115grn WWB. My total cost OTD was $329. An excellent buy for an excellent pistol.

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Very nice. Seems like a lot of companies are copying the Beretta these days, and although I still prefer the Taurus PT92 for the frame-mounted safety, I must admit that a lot of these other offers are tempting, especially when they include a Nitride finish that not even the Beretta itself has. (Seriously, you can either get their proprietary "Bruniton" teflon finish or Stainless Steel on the 92FS and Cerakote on the M9A3.)

Does the Girsan come in a .40cal configuration by any chance? Probably not, but if it does then it could really corner the market considering that Beretta only offers the M9A3 in 9mm.

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Very very Nice! :cool: Congratulations on an excellent deal on an excellent Pistol! :smile:

If I did not already have my Taurus PT92, I might consider one of these.
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