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9mm Average Price Per Round Report 05/16/2013

Average Ammo Prices for 9mm pistol ammunition compiled by ammo type from GunBot.Net. List of covered dealers is HERE.

Ammo Type (includes all rounds in categoryAverage Price per RoundDaily DeltaVendors with in-stock ammo
Full Metal Jacket (includes FMJ and MC)$0.88
Jacketed Hollow Point (includes HP and Bonded)$1.17

Ammo categories include a wide variety of grades, types, brands and lot sizes.
Reloads are excluded - report includes only new ammo. Custom, frangible, lead-free and other non-standard types also excluded.
Average price is computed only on ammo available for purchase.

Interesting. Despite a slight increase in the average price per round of ball ammo, the number of dealers with in-stock ammo almost tripled. That's really interesting and shows some possible movement in the ammo supply chain, though a one-day jump might just be a statistical hiccup.

Hollow Points are no less interesting - even though there is an anomalous high priced round in the bunch at $2.98 per round: Cheaper than Dirt is selling 20 round boxes of PMC Starfire at a price that is appropriate to a 50 round box, even in today's climate. I'm inclined to think this is a mistake and whoever priced the box thought they were pricing 50 round boxes. PMC Starfire is certainly not exotic ammo, and although Starfires have a reputation for reliability they are nothing special, even poor performers in terms of ballistics. I think the guys at CTD simply made an error. Even so, the price of Hollow Points dropped by 7 cents. If we call the PMC Starfires at CTD a mistake and eliminate it from the sample, the average per round price of Hollow Points is $1.09, a drop of 15 cents per round from yesterday.

As always, I'm looking at 9mm because that's what I'm interested in, and I'm only tallying factory new FMJ and JHP rounds. No remanufactured, lead-free, frangible, primer only or other custom rounds, just new 9mm commodity ammo. Don't like the choice? Make your own report.

This report is FREE and worth exactly what it costs!
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