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9mm Average Price Per Round Report 05/11/2013

Average Ammo Prices for 9mm pistol ammunition compiled by ammo type from GunBot.Net. List of covered dealers is HERE.

Ammo Type (includes all rounds in categoryAverage Price per RoundDaily Delta
Full Metal Jacket (includes FMJ and MC)$0.77
Jacketed Hollow Point (includes HP and Bonded)

Ammo categories include a wide variety of grades, types, brands and lot sizes.
Reloads are excluded - report includes only new ammo. Custom, frangible, lead-free and other non-standard types also excluded.
Average price is computed only on ammo available for purchase.

Split deltas today with a small downtick on target ammo and a slight uptick for defense ammo. Nothing else to report other than I wish the good folks at Natchez Shooters Supplies in Chattanooga sold in-state to fellow Tennesseans. I'm pretty sure it's because we have one of the highest sales taxes in the nation, which does not apply to out-of-state sales, but I could be wrong. Georgia and Alabama are also included, but the corner of Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama is close to Chattanooga - I'll bet that has something to do with why they don't sell there either.

Once again, I'm looking at 9mm because that's what I'm interested in, and I'm only tallying FMJ and JHP rounds. I'm not interested in lead-free, frangible, primer only or other custom or novelty rounds, just 9mm commodity ammo. Don't like the choice? Make your own report.

This report is FREE and worth exactly what it costs!
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