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9mm Average Price Per Round Report 05/06/2013 Average Ammo Prices for 9mm pistol ammunition compiled by ammo type from GunBot.Net. List of covered dealers is [URL="http://gunbot.net"]HERE[/URL].

Ammo Type (includes all rounds in category
Average Price per Round
Daily Delta
Full Metal Jacket (includes FMJ and MC)
Jacketed Hollow Point (includes HP and Bonded)

Ammunition categories include a wide variety of grades, types, brands and lot sizes.
Average price is computed only on ammo available for purchase.

Interestingly the downward tic happens to be consistent today, with ball ammo and hollow point 9mm both dropping by 22 cents. I'll be watching over the coming days and add a trend graph once I have enough data.
Best deal at time of writing: $0.52 per round for Remington UMC at Natchez Shooters Supply
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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