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9mm Ammo shortage?

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From last weeks Shot Show in Florida: Talk has been circulating that 9mm may be harder to find in the next few months. It seems our government has ordered massive quantities from every domestic manufacturer, and civilian availability will be curtailed on account of this. I am researching this to find out how much the supply will be affected. Anyone with any further information please feel free to post.
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I think I will take a look around myself. Might end up ordering a half case (500rds) or so just to be safe.

Great just when I think about picking up a 24/7 in 9mm because its cheaper to shoot
Did a little digging. Ammoman is out of the cheaper stuff but appears to still have ball for $179 and $189 shipped (1000rd case). Sportsmans Guide is out of Wolf (due in April) but still has Fiochi available.

Only ordered 250rds as I had more on hand than I thought. Was running low on corbon though.


Damn thats high!

I pay $104 out the door for 1000 rounds of 9mm from the gun show. even at wally world its 128+ tax for 10 WWB value packs

I pay $190 for 1000 rounds of .45 from the same place.
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It has finally gone up by $2/100 at Walmart here. However, I count these and rarely is it just 100 rounds. My latest "100 round" box contains 111 rounds. That makes up for some of it.

Josh <><
People must have seen this price increase coming because I just went to the WalMart by my work and they are out of all the 9mm and most of the .45 and .40. The good news is the CCI Blazer Brass .45 I shoot is still 9.47 for 50 rounds ;D I'll be making a trip to all the WalMarts on my way home (6 total) and buying all of that CCI I can find.
I think it's about time to go get new defensive ammo. I was going to wait until after winter to ditch the EFMJ as 50 rounds of 124gr +P Bonded GS will run me around $45, but seein's how the local Walmart had trouble getting 9mm in, well...

Josh <><
Best to stock up now on all the 9mm, 40 and .45 you can find. Even when availability improves, prices will go up again this spring. That $12 box of WWB 9mm at Wally World will be pushing $15 bucks before long, if you can get it. Ammo doesn't spoil. You can never have enough.
Have you guys checked Sportman's Warehouse or Cheaper than Dirt? Even AIM Surplus or Makarov.com might have what you are looking for. I use the SilverBear 115gr. JHPs for practice and never had a problem despite what the trolls over at other forums have stated. Also have some Winchester White box and Blazer. All these have shot in the PT111 Mil/pro and Rugers just fine.
Picked up a case of 9mm today at WalMart, and the price hike has started. WWB 115 gr FMJ used to sell for 11.98 per 100, new price today was $14.56 per 100. Expected to go higher again toward spring. Stock up now, it ain't comin' down!
I am stocking up on the CCI Blazer Brass .45 since its still $9.47 for 50. I hope the next price increase holds off till after I get my profit sharing in Feb. I will pick up about 5000 rounds of 9mm and 2000 more rounds of .45 if the price hasn't gone up yet again.
I've noticed a markup on 9mm, .357 and .45 ACP on cheaperthandirt.com. Either the ammo that I use (that was on the lower end of the cost spectrum - S&B, Blazer, Wolf) had been marked up or was completely sold out on their site.
The other day I bought 100 cnt rem umc 124 gr jhp's for $20 here in owensoro.
Today I bought a 100cnt wwb fmj for 12.99 at outdoor world in nashville. the 50 cnt box is 10+change here in owensboro at wal-mart.
I'm pretty sure the increases are bc the found out I bought a gun.
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