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905 ... or ANY Snub nosed 9mm Chrono results ?

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Sorry I haven't been the one to provide this data as I have a VAST collection of 9mm ammo for defensive use , but I'm a hoarder and I've lost my Chrony . So , has anyone out there chronographed their EDC rounds out of a model 905 or other 2" barrel revolver ( and calculated energies and recoil numbers ) ? P.S. ... can't find my Wheeler trigger pull scale either ... I'm leaning towards 124 to 135 grain loads for defensive use out of concern for possible bullet migration of heavier bullets due to recoil . Anyone experiencing any of that in their 905s or other full weight ( 22 oz. ) steel snubbies ?

Thanks for any informed responses or useful links ...

I'm also considering painting all of my front ramp with Red Glow-on ... and using Green Glow-on for maybe all of the rear sight area . Would love to hear of anyone's experiences with Glow-on paint for this application .

Bicycle Bob ( Bobtail ) ... in Sunny Gainesville , Florida ... where the Sun shines damn near every day !
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Hey Buckeye !!!
Thanks for the great link ... that's just the sort of stuff I was looking for ! Great comparisons of muzzle velocities between the LCR , Kimber Solo and Kahr PM9 ... INTERESTING RESULTS !!!
Take away : revolver's freebore and cylinder gap -vs- autoloader's recoil operated action as it relates to velocity at the muzzle . Revealing measurements comparing distance from front of chambered round to muzzle of snubby revolver ( LCR ) versus typical semi-auto with a . 3" barrel .

Thanks for the response . :cool:
The 9mm LCR is a great choice .... 115 - to 147 .. Standard pressure to +P & +P+

Do not use Alumium cased ammo .. ... Sticky extractions
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