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Yeah, moon clips are great, but it's much easier to tactical reload a normal ol' .38 using Bianchi speed strips. The 9 never really attracted me. I have a 9mm Kel Tec P11 that's a great gun, +P rated, and is more compact than 9mm revolvers tend to be. It also carries up to 13 rounds. So, I just never saw the point of the 9mm revolver.

I had an old 1917 Smith and Wesson war horse for a while, .45ACP moon clip gun used in the first world war to suppliment the 1911s which were new then and in short supply. That thing was pretty worn, but still shot pretty well. I sold it because it didn't like lead bullets and I don't like to spend money on jacketed stuff for range use, rather cast my own freebies. If that thing would have liked cast bullets I'd still have it. It was a NEAT old Smith. Heck, I probably should have kept it anyway even though I'd never shoot it. It was worth collecting, but it sure was in sad shape. I had to have a smith work it over before it was safe to shoot.
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