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709 sticky magazine

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I just purchased a PT709 and the magazine is super tight. Upon pressing the magazine release, the magazine only gets pushed out about a quarter of an inch. any help on diagnosing and fixing this problem would be appreciated.
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I noticed that too, it's the mag dragging on the release, I assume because it is ambidextrous. I guess. Anyway, just hold the release a split second longer, the mag will fall right out.
If it's a brand new gun, it should break in over time and get better. Ensure it's cleaned well, and lightly lubed. I even take the mags apart and clean them, as the preservative can get into them as well. Mine was pretty stiff at first, but after a couple hundred rounds it has settled in and drops the mag fairly easily.
If you have a pair of calipers, run them up and down the body to see if there is a "belly". I've had some mags I had to wrap in rag, place in vise and clamp down to remove "belly" - worked for me on some tight mags - and yes, the still work as they should.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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