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709 question

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Hello everyone
I just received my brand new 709 and I have few questions the feed ramp came mirror polished is this standard?
Also the top of the barrel mirror polished is that how Taurus deliver them?
First imprison great some heavy greas need to be taken a part and cleaned but I think very high quality compartment to pf9 ism glade I wated for the 709.
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Congrats on that new pocket gun! Wish I could help you brought mine
Used it is stainless steel with matte finish, I have heard of some folks
Making em nice and shiney with polish job? You really have to clean em good
Check some stickys out for info
My 709 came with a polished feed ramp as did all my other Taurus guns. It is standard for them to do this. Do clean out the Taurus preservative and re-lube the gun before you shoot it.
make sure you pay some attention to the magazine spring as well
Thanks for the reply and correct the mag spring is full of greas if that what you meant I have to spray with degreaser to clean it I will take the pistol apart completly to clean every part of it.

I hope it will shot with no issue
Any recomendations on magazine pinky extension?
I use the Pearce grip extension myself. They are nice. Just make sure that if you do get them, do not put too much pressure on the extension as it can cause feeding issues. Just use it to get your pinky on it.
I just got a set of garrison grip extensions on my 740 slim,what a difference they make.very well built,fast shipping

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Thanks all of you for the input Garrison it is, extensions on the way free shipping also $16.94 to my door. I have Pearce on my XD sub but the Garrison looks a bit taller for my big hand. I ordered 2 just incase I ever run in to an extra 709 mag somewhere.
i have the garrison extenders. would not want to shoot it without them now
My 709 feed ramp was also polished. Mine came with two mags, and I have seen them at Scheels and I think Bass Pro for around $39.
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