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709 converted DAO (No light strikes)

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Disclaimer: I am not a gunsmith and do not recommend you modify the internals of your pistol without at least having some knowledge of the mechanics. If you have none, then take your gun to a gunsmith to perform this mod.

So i picked up a 709 earlier this spring. The thumb safety and 2nd strike capable were two of the biggest selling points for me. Coming from a Bodyguard 380, I was already accustom to those and happy to have them in the 709. Only gripe about this piece was the long trigger travel in SA mode. Just didn't care for it. So I took the plunge and pulled the SA sear/spring/pin out of the sear block. This mod was very easy to do. I started by drifting out the two rear pins holding the sear block in place.

You have to gently pry the block out with a small flat head screwdriver. Once it raises a touch, you can pull it out by your fingers. There was '1' pin towards the rear that holds the SA sear and spring in place. Its not a press fit or roll pin, it just literally slides out. Can use something small, screwdriver, toothpick to push the pin out. And when done, your left with the three pieces that make up the SA mode

Here is what the pieces look like put together. Sorry its upside down, but you get the idea.

When removed, there is a empty channel where the SA resided

Next steps was to replace the striker spring. After researching this mod on this website, I came across a post by BigAl512. Problem was his pictures were missing, back when Photobucket screwed everyone over, breaking their links. So I reached out and we chatted a little bit about this mod. He said for his conversion he used a Honor Guard HG9sc striker spring. He spoke to the owner of the company and got a few of them to test. So he passed the info along and I contacted Honor Defense. I spoke to the owner Gary Rammey and told him what I was trying to do. He openly admitted that when they were developing the HG pistol/s, they initially used Glock striker springs for the testing. They now manufacture their own, but said the dimensions were identical to a Glock stock 5lb striker spring.

I decided to try a Glock Xtra power 6lb striker spring from Wolf. Not sure why, but I also bought a Reduced power 4lb just in case I didn't like the results.

Following BigAl512's post [https://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/700-s/394057-709-hg9-striker-springs-trigger-set-screw.html], i figured if the HG spring is a match for Glock's stock weight of 5lbs, and if I'm using Xtra pwr 6lbs, maybe I should do 4 coils vs 3 he cut off the HG spring. Took it to the range and immediately noticed I had a problem. About 1 out of every 3 rds were light strikes. As you can see, the top row are the light strike rds. Next row went off without an issue, and bottom row were 2nd strikes.

Taking things apart, I lined up my oem spring vs the 6lb. I realized that I probably took off 1-to-many coils. So I decided to try the 4lb spring and to my surprise, even though the 4lb spring was considerably longer than the oem spring, it fit without any trimming. I had full trigger travel under DA. Confident the 4lb would still be too light for use, I know knew that I needed another 6lb spring. And DON'T cut any coils this time. So before I re-ordered from Wolf again, I asked myself, can I go heavier?

For S&G I searched for a heavier spring and came across the 'Glock Blue 31 Newton Extra Power spring' for $10 at RockYourGlock. The '31 Newton' equates to 7lbs of force. They also had a Red 28 Newton '6.29lb' spring, but for some reason it was $15. So I went with the 7lb. Here it is compared to the oem spring

Again, like the 4lb, this 7lb spring dropped right in the captured striker assembly without any fitting or trimming. I still retained full trigger travel without any stacking. So I took it to the range again, and shot 50rds. This time was 100% reliable. No more light strikes on the same ammo. For reference, I was using 115gr Blazer brass fmj for both tests. So by eliminating the SA mode, I have gotten rid of the trigger slack issue. And with the increased the pull weight, its results in solid ignition each shot. To me, this makes the gun near perfect for me. I hung up my 380 and now carry this daily.

I like to thank BigAl512 on here for providing me the information on how he achieved this mod on his 709. I'd also like to thank Gary Rammey at Honor Defense for sharing his knowledge. Its not every day you can talk to the president of a firearm company, tell them your interested in one of their parts to modify a competitor product, and they still give you that level of attention and detail. I thought that was very cool on their part.
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I love posts like this. Details. It's all in the details.

Good job.

I haven't had light strike issues with mine but I've only shot it enough to break it in and
I run a magazine through it now and than to stay proficient with it.

All the Best,
D. White
Forgot to mention that in my initial test with the 6lb spring, I did fired some (20rds) of wwb 147gr jhp as well. Was met with the same light strike results as the Blazer ammo. 2nd test was all Blazer though.
Great article. I haven't had any light strikes with my 709 with almost 400 rounds run through it. Actually I have had no problems with it! Got used to the trigger.
Great Write Up Doc, !!!! , Glad all worked out!!, And again for what you spend in a 200.00 Gun and add the Knowledge of doing your Work Makes lt all worth while, . Happy shooting ,
When I first read through this thread I wondered why in the world would anyone want to defeat what seemed to me to be an unusual but perhaps beneficial feature of having a single-action auto loading firearm that reverts to a double-action mode in the event of a light strike? I'm still on the fence on whether or not to mod my PT740 (same mechanism as the PT709) into a double-action only auto-loader. I have yet to have light strike issues with my PT740 but that doesn't mean that it can't happen. I can see that this mod has the effect of making for a long but consistent, relatively heavy trigger pull. I believe that this aspect adds a level of safety that doesn't exist for those that carry this firearm (un-modded) with a round in the chamber. The thumb safety would need to be engaged in the non-modded mode where in the DAO mode, the safety of the long, heavy trigger pull is a safety on its own (but the thumb safety is still a recommended option)!
I'll be thinking about this mod for a while but there is certainly an elevated possibility that it could happen to my PT740. My first inclination in this type of situation is to NOT defeat the intention of the original design. I'll admit though, that I have done so in the past and will probably do so in the future :).
Nice write-up on a mod that definitely has merit. I'll be looking for a YouTube video on this mod.
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In addition to My 709 DAO, I Have a 111g2 , Have not decided yet if I want to Make it the Same configuration , I do know that DAO makes it feel a bit more certain about the condition 1 setup, any thoughts ? you already have a DAO Plus a thumb Safety if so desired ,
I made the mod to DAO on my 709 today. I also replaced the original striker spring with a 6lbs Wolff Springs spring for Glocks (full length, no coil trimmings).
Tomorrow is the big testing day. I’ll report back.
Mixed results. It works great bit still had 4 light strikes out of a box of 50 rounds.
I don’t think is the strength of the spring. It has to do with the firing pin orange plastic guide that makes the trigger release ahead of the end of the stroke.
Ordering a Lake SS guide now. Will see what happens then.
Installed the Lake firing pin guide and finally today I was able to go to the range to test it.
The result was perfect. I didn’t get any FTF/Soft strikes.
Now I can use my 709 for CCW with confidence.
Curious, Does any one know what the Spec for the stock Taurus Striker Spring ? 4-7 Lbs? and what is Optimum? Have used the HG , Lite Strikes, Have used the Glock 7 LBs No Lite strikes , but does not return to Full battery all the time , all so Have the Lakeland SS guide rod set up checking out another spring from my box of springs , assorted , has a stiffer pull ,( Not as stiff as the blue Glock spring ) on a DAO, this is good, and will try the Stock spring tomorrow , Happy shooting !!!
Installed the Lake firing pin guide and finally today I was able to go to the range to test it.
The result was perfect. I didn’t get any FTF/Soft strikes.
Now I can use my 709 for CCW with confidence.
It has been now four months since I transformed my 709 into a DAO and I was asked from a member of this forum on how it is going:
I have run about 5 boxes of mixed brands through and not a single failure.
I did also transform a G2c to DAO and I'm also very happy with it.
I proved (at least to myself) that for the DAO to work without problems, both the striker spring (from Wolf) and the striker guide (from Lakeline) have to be installed.
By the way, the actual trigger pull is not that bad. A little gritty, but nothing out of this world. I don't think I will be messing around trying to improve the trigger feel as it is not a target pistol. For being a CCW, it shoots great, it is consistent, and above all, now it is SAFE to carry.

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I have my PT111 G2 and a 709 both changed over to DAO for well over 2 years now with NO problems , using the 6lb glock spring

The striker safety can rub against the striker and cause light strikes , I have mine remove as it is not needed with a DAO as with the slide lock is not needed either . I also got rid of the terrible glock trigger and polished up everything inside to give me a trigger pull feel of 3 1/2 lbs

I am very happy to have 2 of the most simple and safe pistols to carry
Does this mod make the gun loose its second strike capability?

Does the trigger travel distance change? Or pull weight in DA change?

And do you need to change out the springs or will simply removing the SAO assembly make the gun DAO on it's own?


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Does this mod make the gun loose its second strike capability?


Does the trigger travel distance change? Or pull weight in DA change?


And do you need to change out the springs


or will simply removing the SAO assembly make the gun DAO on it's own?

Yes, it will make it DAO but the striker spring is a little weak due to a shorter compression. Follow the proven path: Glock spring plus Lake sleeve.


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Read my answers embedded in your questions.
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I finished my PT111 G2C conversion to DAO. I used the Wolff striker spring 6LB extra power. I really like it so far. Trigger feels very smooth. The break is crisp. I will be taking it to the range once they open.
This has been a fun project gun for me. I started with the trigger. I installed the Asmund trigger from Galloway precision, then the 16lb factory setting stainless steel main spring from Galloway precision, tritium night sights from lakeline llc which are incredible in daytime and no light. Sights match POA & POI is perfect. I ground the pinky extension off of one of my mags because in some pants I am able to pocket carry this. I am still able to get a full 3 finger grip and I have average-ish hands. The last upgrade I did was the stainless steel striker guide from lakeline. 0 complaints about this gun before all of the upgrades I did were because I’m interested in gun smithing.
Id like to thank everyone for their guidance in this thread.
Galloway precision sells a 18lb SS main spring. I wonder if that would solve your battery issue.
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