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7 weeks no word from Taurus

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Well Wednesday will be 7 weeks and no info from Taurus as to what was wrong with my pistol. I have contacted CS twice and they just tell me it is in repair status and it will be 6 weeks. Well 6 weeks has come and gone still no pistol. Not sure if they are like some Gun Manufactures and close down for Christmas will have to see if I get it back before then.
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Have patience Grass Hopper. Your day will come.
For what it's worth, the next thread below this one in my "most recent posts" search was "It'll be here soon!!!" :rolleyes:

But yours is a common complaint, sadly. I'd call customer service, and ask to speak to a supervisor. It might take some insistence, and it's not a magic bullet, but it's worth trying.
Considering all that is going on with Taurus would not expect to get it back for several more weeks if lucky. I would try the chat feature once a week to check status.
7 weeks?
We have folks in here whose kids have grown up, gotten married
and have had kids of their own while waiting for their pistol to be returned.
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I used the Web chat. Get on line early so your wait time is minimal. Once I just started asking to speak to a supervisor. They won't tell you when it ships it just shows up at your door.

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This is EXACTLY the reason I did not send my TCP in for repair. I decided to trade it for a Ruger LCPII. Based upon numerous reports such as these, I have no confidence whatsoever that Taurus Customer Service will address issues in timely manner and, even if serviced, the gun will come back repaired acceptably. I'm just glad my G2 runs like a top and if it ever does develop a problem I will have a local gunsmith look at it rather than sending it to Taurus. More expensive that way, yes. But I am willing to pay a premium to ensure my gun is serviced professionally and returned in a timely manner. Why didn't I do that initially with the TCP? Fair question. One, because I bought the TCP spur of the moment at a really good price and not intending to make it my EDC, and Two because after realizing that I really liked a .380 and that I did want to make it my EDC I did my research and determined the LCPII was best for me.
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I posted on Taurus' social media site that I'd sent my PT111 in based on the recall and asked if I should expect it back in my lifetime or if I should just put it in my will. They didn't respond.
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After some consternation, I just sent my PT145 MP in since the offer expires in February. Is there a thread where people report on what they got back?
I sent my PT145 in at the end of October. I'm not expecting anything until after Groundhog Day. There is a Status Conference scheduled for January 17th. I guessing there won't be any action prior to February 6th. If they sit on everything, there may be fewer complaints at the Status Conference. I'm hoping the court will be willing to hear complaints by owners if they get shafted before they close the proceeding.
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Talked to Taurus CS now they said 8 to 10 weeks because they are behind. Sometime after the first of the year.
Good thinking. Only when the offer expires will they know the extent of their liabilities. I can't believe they can't fix them, given that they use the same SA/DA system in their current pistols. Sorry ass engineers.
I am at 9 weeks now. They sent me notice they had the gun on Oct. 19th. No word yet on what is going on and when it will fixed/replaced.
... I can't believe they can't fix them...
Can't and won't are two completely different concepts, even though the end result is the same.
Can't is determined by engineers, won't is determined by bean counters and lawyers.
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