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651 trigger locks up at times

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{I bought a Taurus 651, 5 shot, .357 revolver last Dec. '06. It went back because it would "lock up" after shooting a few mag loads thru it. The hammer lock would start in engage itself and lock the hammer. I thought of: using loctite to glue it unlocked, removing the lock from the hammer and/or adjust/replace lockscrew spring, or sending it to Taurus.}

I decided that Taurus should be aware of this condition as it could prove fatal for somebody. ME! And any other owner that may have had this occur with their Taurus Security System.

{Last week I called Taurus about the revolver I sent them. They received it on 6/15/07 and at that time they were working on guns received 5/22/07. So it'll be a while before I get it back. So far my PT1911 is still running like a champ. (fingers crossed tightly) When it has troubles I'll fix it locally, unless it's a major problem.}

I posted this on another site and thought I'd share this story with this board.

I still enjoy my other two Taurus's and have used the "Free NRA" memberships to get three members on our team.
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Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

I never had a problem, nor have I heard of a problem with the hammer mounted lock on a Taurus revolver. You sure your ammo wasn't jumping crimp or something? The Taurus lock is not in the same plane, or the action of it, as the recoil of the gun and I find it hard to fathom how recoil is going to make it engage. Will .38 lock the gun up?

I've heard of this with J frame Smiths, but the lock operates in the same plane as the recoil of the gun on a Smith and I can see how it'd happen. I'd never tell anyone to disable the lock on the gun, could get you into some legal hassle if you ever had to use it (not high on my list of worries), but the lock is easy to disable on the Taurus. But, I'm still finding it hard to believe the lock is causing your problem. But, it's possible it's missing a part or something I suppose.
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Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

It was noticable right after I bought it as I was dry firing it with "snap caps" on my drive home from the dealer. I just accepted it as a "new gun" that needed to have the rough edges worked off by firing it. Most of my practice loads were 148gr LWC and I didn't notice the problem using them. Then, at the NRA convention here in St. Louis I bought some CT laser grips and again I started rapid fire with snap caps and it would "lock up". I'd turn the Taurus safety screw and all was well. Then while firing some Hornady 357mag short barrel defense rounds it locked up on the 3 round of the second cylinder full that I was shooting. Again, I turned the screw and the gun worked fine. I suspect the tension spring on the lock screw was weak and allowed the screw to move slightly. I could have EASILY cured the condition by "loctiting" the screw in place but I thought I'd let Taurus see what I had found.
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Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

This is interesting.

Just did some background research on what is already known by many.
What is described above would be next to impossible.

The patents for Taurus safety locking systems had to pass muster with the patent office and did.

Then the JSSP which involves all the gun safety watchdog groups, goverment and otherwise, tested and passed the Taurus systems with flying colors back in the middle 1990s. Every concievable and time consuming testing was accomplished to see if these systems could be made to malfunction or tie up the guns. Revolvers and pistols.

Then this had to pass muster with Maryland,California, and other states safety tests to make it onto their acceptable tests. The state testers are thorough to a fault and try every concievable way to try and flunk firearms. Taurus made these states lists as approved.Making saftey systems malfunction is their business and Lord knows if it can be done, they will do it.

The safety systems are not tied directly to the working systems unless the keys are used or are otherwise manipulated. The reason was so that no malfunctions could occur even with heavy use,being dropped, hit hard, or recoiling. The systems stay out of the way and cannot be moved without direct human intervention. S&W new locks are also designed in this way and have had no real world malfunctions as of to date. Called S&W to verify this with the gunsmiths. Will call Taurus to check with their guys though.

Then again, there may be exceptions to this.
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Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

My wife would experience hammer lock on my 605 when she shot, but I never did. Finally, one day I got it to do it with snapcaps. The problem was short stroking the trigger and not allowing a reset. I can get it to lock up any time I want by short stroking. It's some quirk in the lockwork with these guns. If I do the same thing to my SW, it won't lockup, but it won't pick up the cylinder either.
If you're shooting magnums, maybe your hand is shifting on your grip and this may be affecting your trigger pull. Something to look at.
Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

I can short stroke the gun and it won't turn, what you might call "lock up", but all I have to do is let the trigger reset and it is fine. I've done the same with my Smith.

I'd let a gunsmith look at it before sending it back just out of curiosity.
Re: 651 tigger locks up at times

Taurus still has mine and I'll let you know what they come up with. I guess while messing with the hammer lock the trigger could have reset. All I know is, it WOULD lock up and I don't want a CCW gun that locks up. For now I use my PT1911 for my CCW it ALWAYS fires and eats anything I give it, as everyone knows. :)

I just ordered another 4K of bullets from Cabela's and called my local powder/primer guy for another 5K of WLP primers. I'm adding to the stock pile again before this next price increase. ;)
I called Taurus today about my 651, they said they started on it yesterday and are on the "closing process"???

I also told them about the right side of my PT1911's ambi safety feeling VERY loose. They said to send them the safety and they'd send a replacement, it should take about a week for a replacement.

I got my 651SS back today and it feels fine.

They state: Problem Found-- CYLINDER YOKE, Resolution-- ADJUSTED

With snap caps everything felt fine. I hope to run some ammo thru it this weekend.

Taurus had the gun for two months, paid the shipping both ways, shipped it to Brazil for repairs (per label), and their staff was always helpful. This was my first time dealing with Taurus for warranty work and I am completely satisfied with their warranty service.

Early this week the right thumb safety from my PT1911 was sent back for replacement. I'll see what the turn around time is for that complaint.

I'm SO happy to have my snub nose back. Carrying a 1911 in the summer time was a bit challenging for me. :)
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Hmm, well maybe some of those horror stories are false or maybe Taurus is getting better at customer service or maybe those other guys are just impatient???? Whatever, glad she's back and workin'! I think a some of the stories I've heard from guys that sent their guns in for repair are just impatient and it just takes a few months. I always figured if I ever had to send a gun to 'em, be no biggy cause I have plenty of carry guns for summer, winter, whatever. I'd just not worry about it 'til it got back.
Know you know that since the gun is back up and running that a mandatory range test is in the offing. :) Keep us posted on how things work out.

Happy to hear that your gun is back and fixed.
The ONLY thing that I "HAVE TO DO" this weekend IS, run some ammo thru this puppy. ;D I put the C/T laser grips back on and I need to make sure they're sighted in. ;)
Here's a pic of a label they put on my shipping box. http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h254/HunterMKIII2245/Taurus/?action=view&current=IMG_1673.jpg
It looks like they sent her back home for service.
I was at the range last night running some ammo thru several guns including my 651 that I installed Wolff springs in. After several rounds I found that the trigger on the 651 would "lock up" again. I just got it back from Taurus and was really disappointed.
One thing I noticed was that the cylinder would not lock in place. When I got home I discovered that the cylinder "center pin" was stuck flush. I took it apart, cleaned the pin and the bore and all is well.
I plan on polishing the pin and the bore a little better when I have time.

So it turned out that the center pin would stick, the cylinder wouldn't lock in place, the hand couldn't move to turn the cylinder, the trigger wouldn't move, the hammer wouldn't move. It "locked up"!

Case closed. Problem solved.
Thanks for all your support and input.
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Well I didn't polish the center pin like I had planned and guess what. It locked up after about 20 rounds. :'(
When I got home I called Taurus and asked if I could BUY a new pin and spring. They said "sure", took my info., placed my order and informed me the parts are backordered. They'll ship when they get them in. So I took the pin out, filed the burrs off and polished the pin. :)
I hope it doesn't act up again.
stuck in:
http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h.../651 Taurus/?action=view&current=IMG_1785.jpg
pushed out:
http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h.../651 Taurus/?action=view&current=IMG_1791.jpg
rough and dirty:
http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h.../651 Taurus/?action=view&current=IMG_1792.jpg
clean and polished:
http://s66.photobucket.com/albums/h.../651 Taurus/?action=view&current=IMG_1804.jpg
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So have you had any problems with it since you filed and polished the pin??
I've had NO problems since I "fixed" it. The rough edges on the center pin appear to have been the root cause of my gun "locking up".
HELP!! I had this same problem with my 617 Ti, and would love to get the center pin polished. Problem is, I don't know how to disassemble the cylinder assembly. Please let me know.
I just got a new Raging Bull in .44 mag. I fired 30 rounds and the trigger/hammer locked up. Is there a solution outside of sending it back?
You could take the side plate off and see if something slipped, or is bound up. Look in smithing for the directions for revolver side plate removal.
I know two people who’ve had these locks fail and lock the gun. Coworker had a .44 tracker he shot a lot and it locked while he was shooting. He bent something in the trigger group squeezing hard trying to make it fire and had to send it to Taurus. They fixed it. My brother has a tracker .357. He had shot a few boxes through it and it was riding in his trucks glove box. Got it out at my house and I dumped the ammo out of the cylinder to get a feel of it. When I pulled the trigger the hammer came halfway back and stopped. The lock had vibrated on. There’s accounts of this in many forums. These safety systems are trash. Taurus is trash for not removing them.
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