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627 4" Titanium?

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I've wanted one of these for a few years now, and now that I want to get one, they are discontinued!!

1) Any ideas WHY this was discontinued??? I've heard that titanium was too expensive (but they are still making other titanium models), that it just wasn't selling, etc. -- anyone know the real reasons?
2) Any other ideas for a CCW 357? I don't want a snubbie, like the idea of 7 shots, and 29 oz. for the stainless version of the 627 still seems a bit heavy. The 24oz of the titanium is about the same as my Kahr K40 which is reasonable.
3) How is the 627 4" stainless in terms of accuracy, recoil, etc.??

Anything to be aware of with this gun good/bad/indifferent??
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It's the same as a 627 with a 2" barrel. I love mine. 20 ozs. 7 shots. Holsters up well on a belt. Accurate too..
Mines a 617 Ti.
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