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Yes! Yes! Yes! I did go back to a 605! The past few months I've couldn't find the right gun for myself that I was comfortable enough to carry it everyday when I do! Days I go to work which is on a military post, their regulations says we cannot carry firearms on post and I love my job. But, Yes I got a brand new 605, blued! I wanted a SS, but LGS didn't have one and I did a straight up trade with another gun I had to get the new 605. Now I'm going to the range Sunday. Can't Sat because of rain coming in, so, I'll take cylinder out and side plate off and wipe off all the factory oil on all the parts. So moral of the story, the 605 is my revolver and my EDC. Oh, have to find me some grips, maybe the Altamont grip when they have the Silverish color in! I'd go with Hogue which I like, but my shirts cling to the rubber grip! I wish Taurus would make a grip like the ruger with the plastic insert in the middle of the grip. It's kind of like buying a Harley, you have to replace all the oem stuff like pipes, grips, windshield, air cleaner etc etc for aftermarket ones to make it work like it suppose to. But it is what it is!
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I like Altamont grips. I usually have to tinker with the screw a bit, but it's worth it. They are really nice grips at a nice price.
The 605 is the way to go in my opinion. I carry my 605ss2 every day.
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