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5 Shot speedloader

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Can someone help me with finding a 5 shot speedloader for the Tracker 44,and some recommendations for a holster also.After almost 4 years of DSL I just moved to a new place and I can only get dial up so some links would be helpful.The good news is I finally have a place to shoot my guns.Thanks.
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Go to www.hksspeeloaders.com and then click on the speedloader tab at the top.
There is a model CA-44. This fits the Taurus .44 Specials and fits even the model 450. Giving HKS a call and verifying this would be a good idea.
Might hold .44 magnum cartridges as well.
HKS is the only company that makes anything that might work as far as I know. You might be able to find one locally once you know which model fits.

Maxfire likely has something but I haven't heard anything good about their reliablity.

I do know that Safariland doesn't make anything that would work, wish they'd make a 7 shot 38/357 model as they're the type I prefer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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