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:r_c:The blogger's recommendations are all good if we assume that Congress will simply re-instate the 1994 ban. At this point, no one knows whether any new ban would grandfather existing weapons. Of course, the Republicans might show a little backbone for a change and refuse to enact a ban. Then again, they might cave as they always seem to do on increases to the debt ceiling and impose a tax of $100,000 per year per firearm on all American gun owners, requiring them to pay in cash and incidentally to submit to sodomy by convicts, or by certain members of Congress.:) (I'd be pretty happy about losing all my guns in that boating accident.;)) There's no point in waving the Constitution around; it hasn't restrained Congress since FDR tossed it out the window in 1933. There's no point in relying on the Supreme Court; according to the recent ruling on Obamacare, Congress can do whatever it wants as long it calls whatever that is a tax. If a confiscatory ban is enacted, then anyone who ran out to buy banned weapons at today's panic prices would look awfully stupid.;D
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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