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Is the .45GAP soon to be a "dead" load?

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Predictions are like elbows. We all have them. .41 magnum was given it's swan song more than once by writers. That excellent cartridge is still in vogue with many. It is not as popular as others, but it still is here and doing well. The .32 H&R magnum was considered a write off as well. Same tune. Rebounded and is doing well. Cartridges become re-invented time and time again. Even some of the late 19th and early 20th century rounds are still hanging on. True, they could disappear at any time. And as far as self defense cartridges are concerned, it was flavor of the moment at times. Each type, from the 9mm. , .40 S&W, .357 SIG, .45 ACP, as well as others have their followings. Finding a cartridge that is definitely superior in all aspects is hard to do. All the defense rounds have good points as well as drawbacks. Otherwise there would not be so many out there. People making the decisions as what to use show some bias and data showing a clear winner in every category can be hard to find or quantify as well. The up side to all this is that there are more excellent picks than ever before. So, the .45 GAP round may be with us for a while. Writers and gun gurus predicted the death knell of the revolver and yet there still is a large market and group of savvy shooters who use them. It meets their needs. Quite a few members here actually have both revolvers and semi autos. Bullets, gun powder, and the delivery system of the bullets are archaic.The package to deliver the load changes, chemistry changes, but the overall system is still the same. They have been with us since ancient history. We have not found a better or cutting edge system to replace the firearm. May be working on it, but that is in the future and could be a while before anything new and radical takes the place of the firearm. We like to speculate on such things. So keep speculating folks. It may be relevant. And then again, it may not. :)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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