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44 Tracker porting and lead bulltes

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I am looking at the 4" Tracker 44 Mag, and was wondering if there are many problems with lead bullets. I load my own, and was only looking for 44 special velocities. It looks like with no rifling at the expansion port, no lead would be shaved, and accuracy should still be good. Any other lead shooters?
I also was looking at the 441 44 special, but then I would have to buy a bunch of brass, but no porting, and the 441 has the long cylinder. (If I could find a decent used one). I am kind of reluctant to buy a used gun on the net, especially a revolver.
I think the stainless 44 Tracker is probably the way to go. A modern "44 special", and save the heavy stuff for my SuperRedhawk.
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I was only going to shoot light loads. What would be the problem if the ports got totally closed with lead? I wish they had the gun unported anyhow. With the expansion port does the bullet really scrape on the ports? How many shots would it take for a significant build up?
That is what I was guessing. Elsewhere on the net I read about great difficulty getting lead from these ports. Maybe it is with soft factory bullets at high velocity. I think it would probably be a better choice than the 441 with the oversized cylinder chambers, and the added expense of 44 special brass. That is $20-$30/100. Thanks
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