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.357 magnum M92 owners, couple of questions

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I picked up a M92 in .357 Magnum last Saturday, and I took it out today for a little 50 round range session. I didn't have my lead sled, so ,I just shot it supported by my arm off the bench. My understanding of the buckhorn sight was the notch at the bottom was for 50yds or less, so was shooting 50yd for the most part, with one 25yd target. My windage was only slightly off, but I had to run the rear sight one step from the top I'll admit, I was shooting some no-name ammo I'd never heard of before(406 Ammo, formerly BVAC......accuracy sucked at 10' out of a M66 as well). I saw a couple at the fun show with the sight jacked up to the top. Is this normal? I plan on installing a peep sight later after the warranty expires.

The ammo I was shooting was 158gr FMJFP. My plans are to reload 135-158 gr loads, with the occasional 180gr bear load(180gr cast lead FP with gas checks, sold and loaded locally). Which weight did yours shine with?

I had a handful of 158gr LRN .38 Special that needed to be shot. I know cleaning a revolver can be a PITA after a day of .38 in a magnum, but how do you clean the chamber on this thing without tearing it apart?

Tula/Wolf steel cased....I couldn't find anything in the book saying not to.

How many rounds down the pipe before considering it " properly broken in"?

Other than these, it ran like a champ, and brass showed no signs of a loose chamber.
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This is what I put on mine.


I just clean from the muzzle. It's a straight wall case and should be fine. I only tear down if I'm out in bad weather.

I removed the safety and replaced it with a Steve Gunz peep
I shoot target and punch paper with mine. Reload 125 grain bullets and can clover leaf ( sometimes) at 50 yards. Lots of .357 rifle loading data out there. For purely target plinking light super accurate light loads it’s 8.5 of Unique. Reloading is the way to go.
I glued a small washer over the rear sight to make a peep. Amazing difference...cheap too. I left the safety on mine, why not, it is what it is. You can put the safety on and reload it without fear of firing one off.
I’ve had old non-safety Pumas and they shoot the same. It’s a great rifle folks will love to shoot.
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